Rebate & Incentives


The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) has developed its incentive plans for content development specifically for film, television and other screen production. FINAS introduced FIMI (Film in Malaysia Incentive) to provide financial incentive for the production of creative content within Malaysia, to encourage support for the Malaysian production industry and welcome foreign film-makers to film in Malaysia. 
FIMI is offering a 30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure(QMPE) of MYR 5 million (US$1.2M) for production and post production.
      • Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure(QMPE) of MYR 5 million (US$1.2M) for production (inclusive of feature films, animated films and post production).
      • Application must be submitted to FIMO at least 3 months before the production date.

Pop Films is a registered Malaysian film company will manage the application and rebate procedure accordingly for its clients.

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