Film Production Support Services In Thailand

POP FILMS ASIA is a full video film production support services company in Thailand. With a team of trained professionals, we enjoy our work in providing a comprehensive production support service in Thailand. Understanding the needs of filmmakers, the Pop team is experienced in various aspects of film production. Photography production support service and film location scout services are also an integral part of offering to our clients.

Thailand has touted itself as an ideal film location with a steady stream of unique filming locations. With its combination of soaring Bangkok cityscape, inspiring temple sanctums, ruins of ancient Prasathinpanomrung and mysterious magical alleyways of the Old Town district, Thailand allows filmmakers the scope to film anything from historical period sets to the modern futuristic sets imaginable. Film companies will often look for film production support in Thailand.

We wholeheartedly adopt a creative and meticulous approach in our every effort, making us a perfect partner for your project.

A country in which traditional mysticism and modern development live side by side, Thailand exudes a certain charm that is hardly found anywhere else in the world. Filmmakers are often attracted to the duality and contrast the country provides. Aside from the mystical charms that occupy the foreground of the picture, Thailand also offers splendour exotic jungle and beach settings for a truly unique filming experience.

While filming in another country may be a daunting task, opting for POP FILMS ASIA’s video film production support services in Thailand will make the entire process a breeze. Contact us and we are more than happy to collaborate with you. With our expertise and creative team, rest assured that your film making needs in Thailand are in good hands.


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