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POP FILMS ASIA is an establish video and film production service company in Malaysia. The Pop team comprises of accomplish professionals with extensive experience in the industry to provide filmmakers comprehensive Film Production Services Malaysia. Being committed, creative and passionate is our strength. We are always excited to work with inspirational filmmakers in bringing their creative vision into reality.

Malaysia is unique for its integration of multiple cultures and famed for being one of the most enjoyable and relaxed countries in Asia to film in. The country boasts a rapidly developing economy and yet retains some of its old world charms. Aside from the Western-style industrialization that prominently stands tall in its big cities, Malaysia has some of the most superb beaches, mountains and national parks in Asia.

Being a tropical country, Malaysia is blessed with lush green landscapes bearing diverse flora and fauna. Besides being a paradise for filmmakers who love to capture the essence of nature, the country is also counter-balanced by its equally magnificent urban skyline. With our climate being hot and sunny all year round, you’ll have an abundance of sunshine and natural lighting pretty much whenever you film.

For filmmakers or film production companies who are interested in carrying out their projects in Malaysia, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Pop team for video and Film Production Services Malaysia.

Our decades of experience as a film production company in Malaysia has proven us to be the top of our game. We are highly experienced in all aspects of filmmaking and have an extensive network of well-equipped and well-trained production staff, thus making us a valuable asset as your ground crew. Photography production support service and film location scout services are among the many integral services we offer to our clients. Find out more about how we can service your film, we look forward to welcoming you.

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