Animation & VFX

Animation & Visual Effects (VFX)

As a film video production support service company, Pop Films Asia is constantly striving to provide leading-edge filmmaking technology to fulfill the needs of the most demanding filmmakers. In line with our commitment to provide innovative film production solutions, our Animation/VFX division, Flystudio Asia, excels in providing cutting-edge computer graphics and visual effects services for films, tv series, game development.
Established in 2001, Flystudio Asia is one of the leading animation & VFX studios in Malaysia. Flystudio Asia has won many local and international awards as a testimony of outstanding work. Flystudio Asia produces animated films, provides VFX solutions, and undertakes gaming and commercial projects. With over two decades of experience and exposure, our highly skilled and trained technical team has produced critically acclaimed international film projects, working alongside highly acclaimed international production studios, including Netflix, WarnerBros Animation, Barajoun Entertainment, WYSIWYG Studio Co.LTD, Digital Frontier Co. LTD, Cambridge University Press, and more.
Whatever your production needs, we have the most comprehensive solutions, coupled with a very passionate and resourceful team to make your creative ideas a reality. Rest assured that we employ the most creative and meticulous approach in our work, making us your perfect partner. Let Pop Films Asia and Flystudio Asia take care of the details. Talk to us today.

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Animation Company Asia & Visual Effects VFX Company Asia. 

We offer cutting edge computer animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, graphics and visual effects services 

for films, tv series, game assets modeling and game cinematic development. 

For all your animation needs, we have talented artists with creative solutions, to make your creative ideas a reality on time and budget.

We employ the most creative and meticulous approach in our work.

Talk to us today, let Pop FIlms Asia and Flystudio Asia manage the details.

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